Rehearse! Practice your parts, harmonies, ideas but please be open to suggetion & guidance.

Please try to write parts that are within your ability to sing them. Learn what your range is & try to sing within it. I'm not a fan of line by line vocal tracking. I expect singers to be able to sing their songs from start to finish or at the very least, in large continuous chunks.

Breathe! A good vocalist will have all of his or her breathing figured out in advance of recording the song. If you write your breathes INTO the song as if they were lyrics you will notice an improvement in stamina, control & sustain. You are probably a better singer than you think... just breathe! =)


Vocal care. Starting at least a week before & during the session, please do the following:

  • Drink PLENTY of fluid (water). Hydration is key! You should be peeing alot!
  • Sleep well. Start getting a good nights sleep, every night & at the same time. Get on a routine so your body is rested and ready to sing great!
  • Stop yelling for no reason. If you're on tour, don't sell your band's merch for a few nights.
  • Don't be stressed out. Eat right. Relax. Drink some more water.

Know your key signatures! A surprising number of bands overlooks this. Knowing what key your music's in will help with everything from vocal harmonies to drum tuning. If you don't know how to figure that out I can help.

Print your lyrics! Please bring 3 printed copies of your lyrics to the sessions. Include EVERY repetition of every chorus, verse, etc.