If you only read one thing...

Many of the likely pitfalls in recording can very easily be avoided if careful preparation is made. I have posted a great deal of information on this website regarding recording session preparation & I encourage everyone involved in the strongest, most polite way possible to carefully read all of it. This includes all band members, managers, investors, etc. It will take about 15 minutes of your life but will can likely save HOURS studio time & confusion. Simply put, EVERYONE NEEDS TO READ THESE TIPS!! =)

Be punctual! The session time does not get extended if you arrive late so to make the most of the studio time, don't be late.

Stay positive! Please resolve any & all personal differences & disputes before you arrive or at least promise to leave it outside of the session. I really don't like a negative working environment & if I think someone is being counterproductive to progress & creativity, they will be asked to make a snack run or something. The best way to stay involved in the process is to be positive. Do your very best to listen to others & try to give input in manner that doesn't insult someone... including me =)

NO entourages please! That means do NOT invite friends & guests to the studio. There is usually limited space at the studio & most of the time your friends are just a distraction.

Bring your money! Although a deposit has been paid, the remaining balance is due on the very first day of recording! This will ensure that we have the financial mumbo-jumbo out of the way & then we can get down to business.


Maintain your gear & your chops! Please do your best to make sure that all of your gear is in top working condition & spend the time to make sure all your parts are extremely well rehearsed.

Please try to write parts that are within your ability to play them. Performing cleanly & consistently is the hallmark of great musicianship & will always sound & feel better than a million overdubs, edits & studio trickery.

Know your key signatures! A surprising number of bands overlooks this. Knowing what key your music's in will help with everything from vocal harmonies to drum tuning. If you don't know how to figure that out I can help.